The Abnormal Review


Sitting front row, while blue, red and green lights dance across my face. The DJ is playing nostalgic jams, taking me back to a time and space of fun and dance ( check our Instagram Highlights for video coverage ).  I am staring at a silver ladder, standing centered with floral décor, but its placement gave way to the letter “A “. The Abnormal Review, as it is called, was simply a night of great talent and melodic sounds to put your soul and mind at ease.

Bringing in the showcase with his unique sound, and flowy voice, curator and host Dawan Jamaal, starts the show out with his vocals that flow through the whole building, getting heads bopping and grooving with him to his melody. While he finishes is up his set, he starts to set the tone to bring on the other phenomenal talents that blessed the stage.

Stepping aside and giving room to share some if the spotlight that is truly deserving, I am caught off guard by a beautiful voluptuous woman, dressed in black distressed denim and funk top. She graces the mike with her spoken word, sparking moments of powerful pro black feminism, educating the masses with rhymes and lyrics as if she were a rapper ( she might think about it ).

Flowing so methodically, walking into a country lyricist, who is grooving with his guitar, giving the crowd a great guitar solo ( in our instagram story ) that would make any country music fan bust out into swing. Many musical talents coming and going giving the stage a life that the whole crowd can groove and vibrate too. Enjoying the sea of faces in the crowd, while they are enjoying the artist they came to see, some new and some old. Various host jumping in introducing many of the talents, while keeping the movement in the show going, giving us slight time for intermission.

Walking through the people, to speak with a few of artist whom have already performed. While trying to catch up with a few fresh faces I have just met. Taking a moment to step back and marvel at the production that is taking place, admiring the camera set up, to the light placement throughout the venue. I couldn’t help but admire all of the work that went into such a great night for many including myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, what made it better was the people I got to meet and enjoy their presence while in attendance.

Now, don’t act like after reading this you’re going to contemplate on going, because you know want to! The Abnormal Review, left me in awe! The show travels and comes to different cities, highlighting numerous talents. Definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

When you go make sure and tell them Vintage Magazine Sent You!

If you would like to see a recap of this show, please check out our Instagram Story Feed Today and peep it in our highlights later.

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