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Happy Thursday MY GOOD PEOPLE! I know, I know, Style Icon Wednesday was yesterday. We totally get it over here, we are sorry. We all know you guys were waiting to see who was going to grace us with style in the place. Oooooo Boy, and do we have a Timeless Treasure for you. Miss Akilah from the DFW is giving you classic sexy that is often not bestowed upon us enough. Her eye for bold prints, and a little modesty allow her to be intriguing with mystery. I know we were when awe, when combing through her Instagram feed. We enjoyed getting to know her and we know you will too. Now let’s meet Miss Akilah Yaas

Name: Akilah Y. Whitaker

Age: 26

City/State: Dallas,TX

Brand: Styled by Akilah Yaas

Blog name – Are You Willing (AYW)

Style as we know is individual, what do you think your style says about you?  

My style is edgy, classic, and timeless… I like to call it sophisticated Chic. I am into layering and transitional pieces, bold prints, and Asymmetry. I love the elevated look that’s sexy but still modest, to leave a little mystery.


In today’s society with so many different style trends out who would you say influences some of your style choices? 

Marjorie Harvey, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Chloe & Halle

Summer is approaching soon, what are some of your Summer Must Haves for the season? Definitely accessories shades, wide brim hats and my favorite the Asymmetrical wrap dress

You are the founder of “Styled by Akilahyaas “how did your brand(s) come about?

So I am the overall drama Queen! I love theater. One of my obsessions is ballroom Drag. I still need help naming my Fem Queen alter ego by the way but my middle name is Yaasmeen and I am always yelling out Yaaaassssss when my life is slayed… so it just made sense

As we all know style changes over time, how has your style changed over the course of years?  I feel like comfort wasn’t a big factor back then like it is now. I feel most confident when I’m comfortable and can maneuver in a garment. I always think to myself … can I slay and conquer the world in this outfit? If I can’t it’s not for me

How does your life affect your style on a daily? (Life situations, struggles, happiness etc.) My life definitely depicts my style. My style is very moody. Sometimes I’m ready to step on necks with my favorite heels… other times I just want to be chill and make a statement. When I’m out day to day you can catch me in fashionable sneakers and cute sporty athletic leisurewear.

Your young on the rise and have a dope brand behind you, what should we be expecting from you in the coming months?

More editorials, I definitely plan to achieve more magazine publications for my portfolio this year. I do have a fashion podcast that is in the works now… Lastly, I’ve been getting crazy DM’s about overall styling questions, so I plan on generating some hands on styling workshops and seminars for the culture.

How would you best describe your brand?

My brand is solely responsible for revealing and interpreting the best style for the individual based on their body type, personality, and lifestyle.  For Styled by Akilah Yaas… It’s not about the hottest trends but more so which trends are the hottest for YOU, as the client. My philosophy is similar to Yves Saint Laurent … Fashion is temporary, whereas style is forever! I believe in educating, uplifting, and empowering my clients to be their most confident selves by providing style tips and smart shopping practices.

Miss Akilah YAH! She is out here killing the game effortlessly and stylishly one day at a time. We love how she made sure to mention that over the years her style has become more about being comfortable and fly than and in pain. Because I am sorry to tell you guys but being the cutest, but cannot walk in your heels, dress to tight barely can breathe, is completely out of style (Only Major Special Occasions, is this allowed lol).  Folks, when you are comfortable, you are more confident in the outfit you have on. You wear it like a second skin, whereas when you are uncomfortable, people can see it all in your demeanor and most times in your face. Miss Akilah, just definitely left you guys with a major fashion tip! Hope you guys peeped game.  We loved meeting the Miss Akilha Yass, she is truly a classic treasure, go check her out and give her holler. Tell her Vintage Magazine sent you.

Have a blessed Thursday,

Vintage Magazine

Check Out Miss Akilah Yaas Right Here:

Personal IG: @Ak_425

Styling IG: @styledbyAkilahYaas

Fashion Blog: @aywillingfashionblog


Ballin’ on a Budget YouTube series:


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