” Be Still “


Be Still

It’s something about sitting still that makes many anxious, shoot even me sometimes. I really wonder why that is though. Why can’t we take a simple second to just STOP, what harm would come of just simply taking a second to just press pause for a moment. Why do we lack, to take a moment to slow down? Hmmmmm……. or is it that we do not lack the effort to be still , we simply do know not how, because life shows us that when you take a moment it seems like it can be detrimental to your daily growth.

Please allow me to elaborate on what I mean by that. Often times we lack the ability to just pause due to our own unwillingness to appreciate our current circumstances. Often times we want change, even ask for it, and majority pray for it. The only thing is when we get the change we were so earnestly seeking, we barely take a second to even acknowledge the change. A prime example, something so small but still went unacknowledged for quite some time.

I remember just last summer, I was feeling ready to move out of my mom’s house. I went out looking at places, getting applications the whole deal. The story of life a barrier hits and I can no longer move. Of course I become frustrated and I began talking to God in my frustration about being ready and why, you kind of know how it goes.  I remember looking around my room one day like, “I have too much crap, in this room “. I remember talking with God and saying “If he would allow me to move I would be a good steward over whatever he provided and sent my way”. Now let’s fast forward to this summer in 2019. I now live in my own place, with more than enough space for less that the price of the places I was checking out last summer.

ing it’s the same place I prayed to be in last summer. I have finally reached another milestone in adulthood and growth and hadn’t even acknowledged that God had brought me to this place, I was only dreaming about not that long ago. I had come to a point in life that deserved acknowledgement and praise, but instead I had moved on to the next obligation, next priority, and hell just the next moment in life. I used to daydream of being able to come home after work and just drop my clothes at the door (don’t judge lol), clean up when I wanted too, leave my crap all over the place if I want too ( you know the stuff we think all adults want to do lmao ). Shoot just lay in bed past nine in the morning, without someone saying anything seemed like a slice of heaven. Now that’s my current life circumstance and I haven’t even enjoyed doing those very things I mentioned. I haven’t even acknowledged I have those luxuries, because mentally I had already moved on to the next moment, while bypassing the very moment I should have been just simply living and relishing in.

The only thing I needed to do was simply “Be still “and appreciate the space God had placed me in. I always tell people “you have to learn to love people where they are at in life”, but what about loving ourselves where we are at in life too? Simply being still long enough to the smell roses in our own backyard. Simply being still long enough to appreciate the place you’re in.  I encourage you on this Friday, to not fret, not worry but take a moment to just simply smell the roses in your life. Appreciate your place in life and see the purpose in your current circumstance and find a reason to appreciate the circumstances. Take a look around you, and just bask in the place God has brought you too, so many of us are missing our blessings because we our too busy moving to the next moment, and bypassing the moments where we supposed to just be still and smell our own roses. Take a moment slow it down, observe your surrounding and appreciate the place God has brought you too, whether you like it or not there is a blessing in your current circumstance.

Have a Lovely Friday,

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