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IT’S Style Icon Wednesday’s!!!!! Now you guys know at Vintage Magazine , if there is nothing we love more than life, WE LOVE FASHION STYLE!!! Today we give you nothing but the best and brightest of the fashion styling world. Ohhhhhhh Honey, do we have a looker for you today! You guys know we love to show off our stylish gentleman and what today be if we didn’t do just that. As he is known by  ” The Style Influencer ” , here is a young man who understand that his style speaks for itself. A young man who knows that when he dresses, it’s to never to play nice or fair. Justin ” The Style Influencer “, gives a great look to urban and business alike, he definitely knows how to work a suit ( wink ).  We definitely admire our men Style Icons, and we know you will admire him too! Let’s get to know Justin ” The Style Influencer “.



Name: Justin Carden

Age: 31

City/State: Dallas, Tx
Brand: Justin The Style Influencer
Style as we know is individual, what do you think your style says about you?
What style says about me is Power and Faith. When I think about my style I believe I set the tone.
In today’s society with so many different style trends out who would you say influences some of your style choices?
 I would say I’ve been influenced by Tom Ford and the reason why is because he has always remained classy and in his lane.

You are the founder of “ The Style Influencer “  how did your brand(s) come about?

My brand was established in 2010 and I’ve always wanted to be a stylist/fashion designer. So I started creating pieces that I wanted that I would see on the runway.

As we all know style changes over time, how has your style changed over the course of years?
 One word (Mature).
How does your life affect your style on a daily? (Life situations, struggles, happiness etc)
My style has really opened tons of doors for and put me in front of people and has taken me places I have always dreamed of.

Your young on the rise and have a dope brand behind you, what should we be expecting from you in the coming months?

You should be expecting, a new book, seminars, fashion shows, more youtube channels.

How would you best describe your brand?
My brand sets the tones for upcoming stylist / Influencers.
We have said it before, and we shall say it again, ” There is nothing like a well dressed man “. Mr. Justin did not come to play, he came to give you guys real time flyness! We enjoy authentic style and we always appreciate ones twist on everyday classics. Definitely be on the lookout for ” The Style Influencer “, I know we will be. He doesn’t disappoint , and we cannot wait to see all that he is soon to flourish in!
Talk to you later Lovelies,
Vintage Magazine
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  • Charles "The Man" Runnels
    May 16, 2019

    Enjoyed the price!! On The Style Changer!!! Great work!!! Hard works ALWAYS!!! PAYS OFF!🥂🎯💎

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