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Happy Monday Good Folks! You guys know we love Mondays and we hope you guys do too. Our Life of an Entrepreneur Series is up and running again, and today we bring you another gem. RelentlessFaith Boss is just exactly that,  a boss who RUNS in the light that God shines on her daily! Her Faith is surely Relentless and she makes sure she moves in that fait, in every aspect of her life and business. We always love to acknowledge, that there is so much meaning in a name. Her name is nothing short of its meaning. We hope you enjoy learning about this jewel just as much as we did. Now let’s get to know Mrs. RelentlessFaith Boss!!

Name: Patrice D. Angwenyi

Age: 24

City/State: Fort Worth, Tx

Occupation: FaithBoss

Brand/Business: Relentless Faith Boss/Hustle Blendz

Optional: hobbies, habits, routines


What motivated you to start your own business?

God kept giving me visions and ideas for businesses that would represent him and life quickly went from “I want to start a business” to “I need to start a business.”


My first business RelentlessFaith Boss began as a makeup artistry service

Ranging from bridal makeup to film. Out of that I wanted to reach women and young girls beyond makeup. I wanted people to see me as more than the makeup artist and see me as a brand utilized by God.

RelentlessFaith means that no matter what I’m walking in belief that God has already done it. Being a #FaithBoss means that I’m more than a #girlboss, but purposed to complete this assignment. That’s why I’ve started my business (es).


What is your brand / business about?

RelentlessFaith Boss is a multifaceted brand consisting of podcasts, merchandise, a book, and makeup services. The target is female, but the content is for anyone looking to thrive in for their business.


HustleBlendz is my newest venture with my husband as co-captain. It’s a coffee and tea hub for entrepreneurs, creatives, bosses, influencers, etc. We’ve created custom blends that are curated with the “doer” in mind. HustleBlendz is the only brand of its kind that caters to not only staying awake, but performing to tour fullest potential in all of your endeavors.


What is a typical day like growing/building your business?

In a day where I’m constantly using my brain and interacting with people, I’m usually too tired to even say “business”, but I’ve trained myself to be intentional with the time spent on my business and things that can make my “tomorrows” a lot easier.

I make a list and I check things off. I even out easy or already accomplished things on it such as praying, resting, or sitting in silence with no distractions. I celebrate big or small accomplishments and build off it. I don’t grade myself too harshly when I don’t get everything done.

When I’m frustrated and oh, does frustration happen. I remind myself to see it through and remain consistent. I send emails, I always write down ideas and strategies in my email. Some days I’m just organizing myself so that I can think better.


What are your strengths/weaknesses as an entrepreneur?

I’ve had a habit of being an idealist and less of a doer. Being a starter and less of a finisher. I’ve been guilty of being fearful and not fulfilling my plans.


I’ve been in the cycle for a long while even though I knew I was supposed to be an entrepreneur since I was 4. I combat these weaknesses by knowing the truth and falling in love with consistency and completion.


What advice would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs?


  1. Why not you?
  2. We don’t care who else is doing it. We need you too.
  3. Scared money don’t make money.
  4. There’s room. Come join us.
  5. The cycle of “not doing” ends with you.


What one piece of advice did you take that helped you as an entrepreneur?


From God: your gift will make room for you.

From my husband: you can do it. Just do it.

From my parents: perspective. You can drink from a glass half empty or a glass half full.

From the internet: start by starting.


What keeps you mentally/physically motivated while running your business?

I look back over my business before I even took it seriously and see all that I’ve accomplished. I look at the impact I made before I knew what I was doing. That keeps me motivated. I’m motivated bu knowing that God gave me the opportunity to do this.


I look at my students who need someone like me to see it through and just go for it. They need to see someone try something and not give up. I think about how every generational curse ends with me. Period. I think about my legacy that I want to leave on my babies and how I want them to surpass what I’ve done.


What is your end goal as an entrepreneur? ( what do you hope to accomplish with your brand outside of financial gain)

Within a year, I’ll be transitioning from being a traditional classroom teacher to opening an academy/nonprofit that will teach at risk youth how to develop their own businesses.


How do you get through the rough days as an entrepreneur?

I’m reminded to see it through. I lean on James 1:3-4 “Let patience do its perfect work so that you may be fully mature and lacking nothing.”

WOW!!!! I truly enjoy learning about those who truly implement God and his word in their business. Knowing those implications makes my heart fill up with a tremendous amount of joy. God should always have a hand in your business in every aspect, and to know a fellow boss, who operates in that same magnitude it truly a blessing. I hope you enjoyed The RelentlessFaith Boss herself. While your at it do not forget to check out her Relentless Faith Boss Podcast, and The Hustle Blendz Blog for your daily dose of inspiration and motivation.



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