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Happy Monday!!!!! You Guys Know What Time It IS!!!!! Life of an Entrepreneur TIME!!! We have a true beauty and a serial entrepreneur, which we adore. Ms. Bria is an entrepreneur ahead of her time, understanding the changes that were vastly taking over her maket; She adapted and made a lane of her own. We can always appreciate a fellow entrepreneur who knows how to make opportunities for themselves. Ms. Bria is a true gem with a boatload of knowledge and doesn’t mind applying those necessary skills to her businesses. Vintage Magazine can always appreciate a dope entrepreneur, who truly walks in their passion, and Bria surely does just that. I hope you enjoy getting to know her, just like we did!

Name: Bria Whitaker (Better known as Bria Charlise (It’s nothing fancy just my first and middle name)

Age: 24

City/State: Dallas, TX

Occupation: Men’s Wardrobe Architect, Designer and Serial Entrepreneur

Brand/Business: I AM Bria Charlise & Foreign Closet, LLC (My menswear Sportswear and Contemporary brand)

What motivated you to start your own business?

What motivated me to start my business was seeking knowledge and change in my industry, creating more opportunities (for myself, my future family and my community) and just having more freedom of expression.

What is your brand / business about?

Each brand/business is unique but each still strive to meet common goals.

For instance, the wardrobe/personal styling side is more so challenging my clients majority men to be confident in who they are, what they wear and how they carry themselves as their personal brand even if they are not an entrepreneur.

Foreign Closet, my actual menswear brand is similar. I’m all about storytelling and I believe each piece I create tells just that. Overall, I provide a memorable experience, story and give each guy the ability to be them effortlessly.

What is a typical day like growing/building your business?

Wow each day is so different. Some days are chill and some are very hectic. I’ve learned that systems are key. So making sure I am effectively and efficiently using my time wisely is something I am still working on. I’ve been working on delegating different parts of my business on specific days that way I won’t be so overwhelmed. Again, I am still learning and working this thing out day by day even with setting realistic goals. The goal is to establish a weekly routine. But anything new such as routines or habits takes time but I just have to figure out what flows and go from there.


What are your strengths/weaknesses as an entrepreneur?

My strengths are creating/marketing, delegating, being a leader, open-minded, authenticity, flexible/adaptable, organization and interpersonal skills. I feel as though that’s what makes people naturally gravitate towards me. I am petite and bubbly but I am also very fierce and mean business.

My weakness could be I am not really a numbers person. I have learned and continuing to learn the least favorite part of my business every step of the way. But that’s where my delegation skills come into play. I just delegate this task to an accountant or systems that will keep with the business operations or accounting. Again, it’s critical to learn as well that way it makes you better and aware of what’s going on but I am still learning to appreciate these tasks.

What advice would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs?

I would say stay true to you and don’t compare yourself to others especially on social media. “Just because you plant the seed today doesn’t mean you will reap your harvest tomorrow or even next year.” Basically it’s a marathon not a sprint. I’ve been in fashion since 2012 and I’m still putting in the work.

b) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but just learn from them. Trial and error is the best experience.

c) Trust God, have faith and make him the center of your business because that’s who is going to supply your needs and wants.

d) Be open-minded and inquisitive

e) Be generous to others. You never know who you may need or who can help you in the long run.

What one piece of advice did you take that helped you as an entrepreneur?

Never be afraid to ask for help and just do it even if it doesn’t make sense to nobody else but you.

What keeps you mentally/physically motivated while running your business?

My dad (who was killed away a few years back), God/Jesus Christ, being a better Bria then I was the day before and most importantly my future family.

What is your end goal as an entrepreneur? (What do you hope to accomplish with your brand outside of financial gain)

Go to heaven knowing that I lived in my purpose God had planned for me, my future kids and their kids having assets, investing into my community and culture, shifting the fashion industry as the first successful woman to really dominate the menswear industry (in styling and as a designer) and just teaching/inspiring others to be great. I’m sure more will come later but these things bring me the most peace and joy.

How do you get through the rough days as an entrepreneur?

a) Daily Mediation or “Quiet Time”(Feeding my mind with sermons, daily devotionals, reading my bible, listening to podcasts, music, and exercising)

b) Talking to my support system or visiting my dad’s gravesite

c) Prayer


Personal website:

Menswear clothing business:

IG: @IamBriaCharlise


 WOW!!!! One thing we always admire in an entrepreneurial story, is their strength and endurance to keep striving. Her testimony, her willingness to share knowledge and spread her wisdom is admirable and downright GOALS! What truly stood out for us as with any entrepreneur, her love for God! Her love of the word and applying the word over her business, to plant the seeds and watch them flourish and manifest! At Vintage Magazine we serve the Lord and love to know that other entrepreneurs are seeking after God like US! I hope you guys enjoyed our Entrepreneur of The Day.

Have a Lovely Day,

Vintage Magazine

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