Life of an Entrepreneur:

Happy Memorial Day Monday Good People! Yes, we know it’s Memorial Day and majority of people are getting ready to eat some BBQ and relax, but it is still Life of an Entrepreneur Mondays!! We do not always get to showcase Musical talents, but today is a different Monday. We have a very talented young man, who doesn’t mind giving his talents to the world for the right reasons. The young man before you shows what determination and prayer can do in your life. We love to see our musical talents, with so much expression and word play. Evident gives you his story very vividly and lyrically. Get to know him with us, and let’s meet Evident!
Name: Edward “Evident” Young
Age: 26
City/State: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Recording Artist/Producer
Brand/Business: Do It Bigger ENT
Optional: hobbies, habits, routines – working out, cars, reading
What motivated you to start your own business?
My family, I want my family to have the best of the best. The ultimate goal is for me to be wealthy.
What is your brand / business about?
It’s about music, creativity, helping others build their brand as well.
What is a typical day like growing/building your business?
A typical day, in the studio, hours writing music, researching on how to become better, networking, building a fan base on social media.
What are your strengths/weaknesses as an entrepreneur?
Strengths – I’m a hustler off top, I’m good at what I do, Im great at communicating with new people, and I support others.
Weaknesses – I can be hard on myself and think I’m not doin enough which brings a negative spirit. But I’m practicing Positive vibes so that’ll be eradicated.
What advice would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs?
KEEP WORKING, F**k the doubters. Be Great, Nothing Less.
What one piece of advice did you take that helped you as an entrepreneur? 
Be consistent, that’s important.
What keeps you mentally/physically motivated while running your business?
God, I pray to God all the time and He motivates me to keep going and block out negativity when it tries to come around.
 What is your end goal as an entrepreneur? ( what do you hope to accomplish with your brand outside of financial gain)
I want to be famous, I want EVERYBODY across the world to know me. I want to become a Legend.
How do you get through the rough days as an entrepreneur? 
Here are links to my music which is my new single #Patient
One of our favorite elements to learn about an entrepreneur is how they get through the rough days. We always love to know that Prayer and God is involved in their daily routine of entrepreneurship. God is an essential key to business and entrepreneurship, especially over here, so we love this about our fellow Rapper/ Business Man ( Mr. Evident ). WE definitely enjoyed getting to know him a little better, we hope you did too! Definitely check out his New Song Patient ( Click The Link ), you are definitely going to want to listen. Be on the look out for new music to come this summer , with other fellow artist from the DFW. Im excited and we hope you are too!
Have a Blessed and Safe Memorial Day!
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