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At Vintage Magazine on Wednesdays we talk style, and oh boy, do we have a classy beautiful gem for you on this Wednesday. As many of you guys know over here at Vintage Magazine, we love style and originality to the max. What exactly is vintage , if it’s not stylish and an original. Toady’s Gem is just that overly stylish and damn it! A down right original to her core! Ladies and Gents lets meet the beautiful Samjah Iman!

Name: Samjah Iman

Age: 36

City/State: New Orleans, LA

Brand: Style & Energy

Style as we know is individual, what do you think your style says about you? Style is definitely a personal thing.  It’s something that reflects a person’s creativity and feelings.  I think my style says that I’m classic and relentless, chill, around the way…with a hint of chic and a heap of fly.

In today’s society with so many different style trends out who would you say influences some of your style choices?  There are a trillion different trends happening right now, and I barely pay attention to any of them.  I love styles that will transcend through time.  I’m a vintage freak!  My influence comes from many things like music, family, moods, and culture.  Also, fashion gurus like Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelis, Kahlana Barfield, Shiona Turini, and Lisa Bonet fuel my style fire and will forever be a part of my top 10 style artists list.  They get my fashion radar going all the time!

Winter is vastly approaching, what are some of your go to pieces for this cold winter?  I love dressing for the colder months because as long as you have a bomb jacket and some jazzy boots, you’re good!  Those two pieces are my main winter staples, and I build most of my looks around them.  In the winter, you can simply throw on a t-shirt underneath a moto jacket, put a wide brim hat on, slide in some distressed denim and boom – a dope outfit it born.

You are the founder of “Style & Energy “how did your brands come about?  I simply combined the two things that rule my world.  Style is in everything around us.  Style is art, and art makes this world what it is.  Energy is ever-flowing.  Energy is God, and I’m heavy into attracting all of the positive energy I can.  These are the two things I concentrate on daily so why not make them my brand?  They describe my world perfectly.

As we all know style changes over time how has your style changed over the course of years?  My style hasn’t changed drastically.  I still wear things I purchased over 10 years ago!! I always try to shop for quality, classic pieces.  I learned that from my mother, grandmother, and aunts.  They still wear clothes they purchased before I was born!  I buy a lot of leather, cotton, and silk materials.  These threads will last for years to come.  I buy pieces that would have looked good if they were worn 30 something years ago or today.

How does your life affect your style on a daily? (Life situations, struggles, happiness etc) I love peace.  I love being comfortable, and my style must also reflect that.  If I’m not at ease, if something is too tight, too big, or too small, making me itch, etc. – I get rid of it….and that goes for my life and my threads.

You’re young, on the rise, and have a dope brand behind you, what should we be expecting from you in the coming months?  You should expect nothing.  Expecting will only disappoint you.  Just keep an open mind and let me surprise you.  I’m not going to give you anything concrete because I will not put that stress on myself to accomplish what I promised I would.  To satisfy you, I can say that I’m going to be doing this, that, and this in the next few months, but who really knows?  The only thing I can tell you is that I will be open and evolving.  And if I’m alive and in my right mind, that evolvement will be dope as hell.

How would you best describe your brand?  Style & Energy was created to demonstrate how simple outfits can stand out when accompanied with a pleasant aura and the right amount of confidence. Fashion is the vehicle I use to advocate for self-love, self-respect, and self-awareness.  Being true to yourself and your style is paramount.  S&E is all about vibrating on a high frequency, individuality, attitude, and spirit.

Social Media Accounts – @samjahiman on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest

Website –

As a true lover of all things Style! I must say a key phrase stuck out to me, about the true essence of being stylish and that is your peace. Ms. Samjah stated a key phrase ” I love my Peace “, your peace is essential to effortless style! We know our Style Icon of The Week is pretty dope huh? Check Her out and enjoy her amazing content just like we do!

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  • Jazmine
    February 6, 2019

    Sam’s Style is everything! Great interview!

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