When Do You Know Love is Real?


When do You Know Love is Real ?

By: Tweety Angwyeni

I pose this question to enlighten your spirit. When does a man know she’s the one ? It’s often a misconception that men don’t think about marriage. Men are project and task driven while women are relationship oriented. Our focus needs not to be on the dates not moment of engagement. A relationship is a journey learn to walk in your own. Many men and women get lost because they are busy trying to make a replica of someone elses relationship.
Before entering a relationship how many people have an end goal of marriage ? How many people discuss the purpose of being together ? Where is the commitment ? According to me real love is founded on God. The love of God allows me to love my wife like christ loves the church. I’m held accountable to our relationship I am their to lead her. When I initially met Patrice and we began dating I took our matters to God. I asked God for guidance I even asked God to reveal to me if she was the one. My advice to anyone in a serious relationship is to take your questions to God first. Rather than everyone outside of your relationship.
A real man who has the right intent pursues her heart not sex. Sex clouds our judgment and creates soul ties. A real woman who has the right intent pursues his love not his check.
Somewhere along the way this world has perverted the image God intended for marriage. Marriage is sacred it is a ministry it is heaven on earth. I love my wife to death she is the best thing that God has blessed me with. When I am asked when do you know its real ? I respond back with have you asked if its real ? I encourage you to speak about love talk about marriage, be around other Christ centered marriages. Pray about it and listen to God.


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