First Date BLUES


First Date BLUES

By: Tweety Angwenyi

Dating to me was like a pick up game of basketball. I saw what I liked and depending on the defense, I would either put in minimal effort and score or put in all my energy and lose. Based on my opponents responses I would use the same move a pump fake or my personal favorite the give and go.
I was rather cheap and reluctant to go places that weren’t mcdonalds, taco bell etc…my ideal dating spots in 2010–2013. To my defense it was quite the challenge catching the bus on time and riding on the passenger seat of their cars. Needless to say I was a clean bum, who took a shower everyday. As my mom would say “cleanliness is next to godliness”.

I treated people how I  saw them but I was blind to the fact that I had no self worth. Ladies pay attention avoid this kind of man. I mean my days consisted of NBA 2k, madden and ten missed calls.
I remember walking into an Applebees siting down with a young lady. Proceeding to eat a delightful meal filled with a blah blah  conversation, waiting for the bill and slyly dismissing myself through the front door.

I know what you’re thinking …what a loser but Aint God good look at me now. Through his deliverance I found a wife that made me put aside my childish ways. Back to my story on a good day I would work a two-hour shift at the local plasma store. I was kind hearted and budgeted my money for the essentials black and milds five dollars, K2 ( twenty-five dollars ), new club outfit ( two dollars ), and lastly buffet money ( twelve dollars ). Needless to say I was confident enough to go three to four months without a haircut. Oh and their was a time I tried the whole s-curl thing.

Now that I have embarrassed myself. I would love to use my experiences to encourage anyone out there. It’s true what they say ” you should never judge a book by it’s cover”. Through the mighty power of God you see this changed man. Listen to this YOU CAN’T CHANGE A PERSON. That role is something only God can.

Dates in a relationship are important men dress your best, smell your best. Present yourself clean to your partner. Ladies respect yourself dress to impress him. The dating process doesn’t end even in a marriage. I have learned new ways to love my wife each day I try something new my I love you’s are endless. My emotions don’t dictate my actions towards her. My wife is my wife she is my 👑 queen. Men please understand this concept if nothing else.

When a man finds a wife he finds a good thing. Men stop postponing marriage if she’s good to you and God agrees marry that woman. Women be faithful to your man be respectful to him give him a reason to go to Jared’s. Date one person at a time “too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin a meal.” Preferably court each other be friends first and ask God for guidance. Stop neglecting each other marriage is supposed to be selfless. If marriage is your goal you have to learn how to date right, pray right and ask God the right questions.


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