Overdue Diligence



Twenty year old had his way with her behind a dumpster and walked out of the courtroom like it was nothing just to make room for the brother who got beat by twenty cops and did nothing. When he just stops and freezes for showing his IDs yeah two forms, I can’t see the sense in that. Some guys not even in uniform beat him senseless. Judge me not, this is not a court hearing I’m just writing this down for sentencing. Not exactly sure what I was looking for but I can’t unsee it. Goes without being said silence is my sign language. So anxiously waiting but moving with a purpose towards progress like I had a jet too in Long Beach so you know we jet blue. Some object too, but back to the boys in blue, must we really take the good with the bad? Dry ice cold for no reason, pulled over for no reason, thanks for the money you took and left me with my life like it’s the receipt too. Ticked off and ticketed. Looking in the rear view when I pull off like here we go again. Lord must we go and when. Hope the people who hate me here now love me in heaven then. Parked at the gate looking forward to getting in, heard you had a toll can I pay before I’m towed not that easy so I’m told. My bone marrow can feel it in my soul. I am aware I’m not that young but am I too old? Life is about balance and I remain off, but on to becoming more comfortable with my instabilities like it’s an ability I got no plans to get out. Everything about me is dark, but I can sell you light. Just a slim person stuck in an oversized mind frame I can cellulite. Cut away the pieces you don’t like, tailored conversations everything I speak on won’t suit you. Sue me, I’ll reap what I sew. You can’t help hold my life together you ain’t sewn me. Looking in the mirror, like man that’s the man that owes me, no need to turn the light on, the silhouette will suffice. I just want to share this with you, truth be told I’d dare this with you, but I told my dogs we ain’t like them other cats we ate lives in already we canine. In the trunk Ks and 9s. No Cobain we must remain with our right minds…

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