Dream or Die


Dream or Die

By: Chauncy Whaley Canady

This month as we think and celebrate the life and mission of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I was thinking about what message I could leave you my reader with. I start by thinking about the King had a dream, we all have dreams, but why do most of us die without living out our dreams?

Up to a certain point in my life, I was doing the same thing, all type of ideas and dreaming were in my head and I was not making them a reality. We have so many people who are living dead lives because they are sadden about how the outcome of their life is to this point. The passion and ambition to get up and do something has left too many souls and now a dream that was a light of hope has turned into a deferment of darkness.

Dreams are our outlet. Something that gives us the power to make a path for ourselves. I do understand that the more we age, the more life has become a hard reality, but still why have we allowed the reality of any situation to kill something that was once magic in our eyes?

When will we see that the only way to joy is peace and that when you are not living for yourself, or for something that inspires you, that you officially become like the walking dead? Walking around without a true purpose for your life or any passion in your life.

Something that will make our world a little better is for people to start living for their dreams and not allow their dream or themselves to die. Every great person that has done something that has changed the course of history started with a dream and they lived it, or tried hard to make it a reality.

Dr. King had a dream for a country that would consider everyone as equals, President Barack Obama had a dream to stand for a concept of “Yes We Can” and was elected president, Muhammad Ali had a dream to be greatest of all time and he was and spoke out for justice while still being the champ. I, myself, have a dream to inspire everyone by my words, while also hoping for greatness of all.

So hear me when I say this, have a dream for yourself and live a life that makes you feel magical, because I am so tired of people living an average life when you can become legendary in your own right and do something extraordinary. It can all start with just a dream. Don’t die….Dream

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