Empowered Populous


In power people trying to stop the hustle, continue to induce my struggle, and I will persevere to endure it. Say what you wish about me I’m sure I can ignore it. Look who it’s coming from their all ig-nor-ant. Please excuse my sense of humor it had to leave the room to make room for my disdain. I would’ve left too but this is my life so I’m staying. Ready or not I’m here, and it’s a little to late to fear the cub I’m way too carnivorous for these plantations. I ask that you still bear with me as my mother did. She had no clue what was going on in her womb. As I exited my cocoon stage left, left-handed, and left it all for the right to bear arms. Funny how everything comes full circle even for the square. Boxing life everyday though I’m just sparring with myself. Up against the ropes not ever, throw in the towel not never, throwing hands till I go down, fighting for my life I’ll only be defeated on time. That’s at the end of it all. It’s a Super Brawl, brayed as I prayed for the strength to continue doesn’t make me look weak. I’m wide awake now doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any sleep. When it’s all put out there I must admit that’s when I go all in. I’m going for the win and I’m going to win big, Swinging for the fences the wind should carry it the rest of the way, and I enjoy the waves I know people and things can change directions on me. Anyone ever satisfied, you? Get yours and I will have to get mine. It’s all fair, and not always a fairy tale. If someone told you different they told you a lie. I’ll just go back to laying here, pay me no mind. Have a blessed night. Goodbye…

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