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Woke up too old and too young at the same time. Blessed already, I didn’t wake up sick. Similar to a sheet a paper I woke up six sided, just as excited with the ability to see every angle. Doesn’t make me a square just aware of this box I’ve been put in. Going to fight my way out, five years in the making I’ll write my way out until I’m all the way out then going underground to help the rest get out. The idea feels so right, that’s another reason why I don’t sleep. Only thing retreating is a hairline, no fractures I see everything for what it’s supposed to be I don’t like to break things up. Forward on I press to thee, never depressed. Putting it all together like it was Legos, some things in life are hard to let go so my ego I let go. You think you can’t do better but I promise you that you can and you will. It’s never too late until they start reading your will. I’m so ready still, moving in the right direction to make a difference math not my strongest subject yet still able to add this stuff up. Please don’t compare our square footage, just very dense. Stupid close and hard to understand and I get it. Most can’t see the separation. Most don’t want to. Then you realize again how blessed you really are immediately drops the stress off. Learning more from my enemies , then any of friends. What a tactic, they all on my neck now what attacked it. Too young to surrender to this lifestyle. It’s just my style, I know once it goes into publication the people will cut it out, but not me I refuse to. I am who I am and not one of you have to get use too…


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