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Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning! Today I have the privilege of featuring a phenomenal young man. A young man who is simply inspiring, a young man who is in my personal opinion handsome as he is motivational. I had the opportunity to interview this young man who has been featured on CBS, BET, Huffingtonpost etc. When two young men ran five hundred fifty miles from Atlanta to Michael Browns memorial in Ferguson. I had the privilege to interview one of the two men in the dynamic duo. I know this is a fashion and style blog, but everyday we all need a little inspiration whether it comes from someone or something. The young man featured here is just that simply inspiring all by himself. He is inspired by others, but I think he is inspiring and motivational all on his own. I myself who is always thinking creatively and always looking for a new idea. I am truly inspired by this young man his Instagram alone gets my creative juices flowing. The poems he post with the visual stimulation and his figurative word play, and makes me want to get up and decorate or style which ever comes first. I encourage you all to go to his Instgram and just listen and just read. Because if your anything like me, then you’ll find a sense of peace and positive energy overflow through you! Did I mention he is HANDSOME! Did I mention he is AWARE, KNOWLEDGEBALE, COLLEGE EDUCATED, and DRIVEN! I’m just saying ladies, don’t let social media fool you about what kind of man you should be interested in. Because men like this are still WINNING!


What motivates you in your daily life?
I’d have to say life motivates me the most. The ups and downs, the victories and losses, learning experiences. The people I have encountered in person and via social media. All of which give me motivation to do more in the world, because we all need each other. We are here to share experiences and make this world a better place, until we are doing that collectively then I will always be motivated simply by life.

What gave you the idea for the Run For Justice Organization?
I saw a need for black men to be doing something positive in our community. I wanted to forever change the mainstream image of the black male. I wanted to inspire people of all cultures and let them know they could truly do anything they wanted to do in this world. I watch a lot of people tweet, post and blog about the change that needed to occur, but I saw no progressive actions (collectively) and so I felt it was the least I could do. I have always used running as a form of meditation and of personal healing for life’s issues and problems. One day I was out for a morning run and it started pouring raining. I had recently moved to a new area, and didn’t know my way around, so I just kept running until it stopped, that was four or five hours later. In that time I got the idea. I had never ran for that long or that far, but it was in that moment that sparked the idea.

Who do you feel are some of your biggest supporters?
I would have to say this beautiful soul I met on Instagram, her handle is @AKANUNDRUM. She has been my biggest supporter since she came across my page about a year ago, way before the Run For Justice and expanded notoriety. When I was doing some soul searching and self-discovery. She has always been in the shadows helping guide my soul and giving me confirmation on how much potential I really have.

Has there ever been a stage in your life where you felt you needed to make a change?
Yes, it was actually in that moment mentioned where my life also needed a desperate change. As mention I use running to problem solve, meditate , think. If we pay attention life will always gives us the answers and path we need to take to make a change, sometimes we have to be uncomfortable in order to do so. I have been “Fortunate” to be in some uncomfortable situations and they have produced the greatest changes and transformations of self.


When did you figure out that the path your on was the path for you?
I think I figured that out sometime after the run. I drove up to Baltimore during the Freddie Gray tragedy one night around one am just because I felt I needed to be there for some reason. On the way there and back I had a shift in thinking, a kind of spiritual awakening, it was amazing.

What are your future endeavors that myself and others should look forward too?
My greatest goal I am working towards is to one day open a center for self-love and development. I think the world lacks love, we are too concerned with materialism and consumerism. We are trying to live up to standards set by the upper class, striving to attain wealth and it’s causing us to hate and envy each other more. I wish to create a place where people of all ages and cultures can come to be transformed and “Deprogrammed” in a sense. We need to learn to love again, but that is my life’s goal in the meantime, I have written A children’s book I will be publishing soon. I allow will be doing an audio visual book, composed of affirmations, meditations, and poetry in. The near future as well as starting another Run For Justice Campaign in the coming weeks.

Who is someone you look up too?
I really do look up to everyone who is moving in a positive direction. I have learned to be receptive of all people young and old as long as their purpose and energy is aligned with mine.

Since this is a fashion and style blog what is your day to day style?
I’ve been pretty simple as of late. I used to be really into fashion, as my thinking has change so has my taste. these days I am more of a nice jeans, plain shirt , and sneakers kind of guy. It’s rare that I really “Dress To Impress” I more so dress for comfort now.

I know a lot of women are going to read this blog, so are you single/taken?
I’m at time of growth and transformation so being single has been my choice, although I am open to meeting someone and going out on a date. I know what my path requires at the moment.

I hope after reading this wonderful interview, you will all be inspired to make a change whether it is in your daily life or in your community. I encourage you do something different today, to do something phenomenal in your life or someone elses. I encourage you to be the difference you want to see, whether in your life or the community.

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