Good Morning. Wonderful people. I think it is always great to come home and talk too people you haven’t had the pleasure of speaking to in a while. I say this because it is always great to see how people are doing and what has changed in their lives since the last time you spoke to them. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to one of my friends (some of the best memories) and they inspired this post honestly. I know some of you are thinking like inspired, yes inspired. I am always inspired by those around me and their stories. If you do not have people around you that inspire you then you might want to change your people (just saying). I say this to say this person reminded me of how reassurance in yourself can be the biggest change in your life. Reassurance in you can be the change from I can to I cannot. I do not know how many times I have heard “your thoughts can be your biggest downfall”. The statement holds a lot of truth and is very real, which is why I am telling you to reassure yourself. Reassure yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind too. Reassure yourself that you are not only great but that you are phenomenal, that you will conquer the world today or at least your world. People constantly doubt themselves and send themselves into depression because they doubt themselves and doubt others around them. Instead of doubting yourself do exactly what my friend said “when you wake up in the morning tell yourself that your great or another positive phrase that describes you”. I encourage you all today to get up today and tell yourself “I’m phenomenal, I’m great or I’m just fucking awesome”. I encourage you to go do something you wouldn’t have done speak to someone you haven’t spoken too. I encourage you to put your mind on autopilot and set the destination for positivity and reassurance. Reassure yourself that today will be a great day. The start to something great happening in your day. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT! Start your day with thatl foolishness of yesterday was horrible ,so today will be horrible also. DO NOT! Start your day with that I have so much on my plate I cannot function properly. Instead of thinking of a bad yesterday think of how you will make today great by not repeating the madness from the day before. Instead of fretting over everything that you have on your to do list take a breather clear your head and find a second of peace to sort through your life. I know myself personally I talk to God and read a scripture that way I assure myself my day will be better than the day before. Everyone else figure out what brings you peace and do not let people come into your life whom disrupt your peace family, friends, significant other. People in this time where chaos and madness surrounds us it is always good to be able to find your peace, reassure yourself that you are doing your best, and find your happiness while your at it. If you cannot reassure yourself on your own here you go: You Are Great! You are Awesome! You are Phenomenal! You will be the reason someone smiles today. You will be the reason you smile today! You are going to complete all the task you have put in front of you! You! You! You! You will be your happiness today and do not let anyone take that from you

While your at it take a compliment damn it and have a good day!

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